Timeline of Events


12/28/11 – Kun is unlawfully arrested at the Beijing Airport as he tries to exit China

1/1/12 – Luoyang police assisted by a Silvercorp employee interrogate Kun from midnight until dawn

1/9/12 – Luoyang police transport Kun from the Zhengzhou airport in a Lexus owned by Henan Found (Silvercorp’s subsidiary)

1/x/12 – Luoyang police send Kun’s laptops for data extraction

2/12/12  РLuoyang police bill Wuhan Home Inn expenses to Henan Found

2/12/12 – Luoyang police transport Kun from the Zhengzhou train station in a Landcruiser owned by Henan Found

3/2/12 – Luoyang police try to force Kun to disclose passwords to bank and email accounts

3/5/12 – Silvercorp attempts to illegally subpoena bank records related to dozens of contacts the Luoyang police extracted from Kun’s laptops

3/12/12 – Luoyang police bill Chengdu Kang Ting hotel expenses to Henan Found

5/x/12 – Kun’s lawyer learns that the Chinese prosecutor rejected the criminal allegations against Kun on 3 separate occasions for lack of evidence

6/5/12 – Silvercorp discloses dramatically lower Inferred and total resources for its key Ying (SGX) mine

7/21/12 – Luoyang police arrest and imprison Kun without charging him with any crime while they continue their investigation

8/3/12 – Silvercorp discloses dramatically lower grades of ore produced from its key Ying (SGX) mine

9/8/12 – The Globe and Mail publishes a special report that independently verifies evidence that Silvercorp’s subsidiary Henan Found reimbursed Luoyang police¬†expenses in violation of Chinese and Canadian law

9/17/12 – The Globe and Mail reports that the RCMP is in the assessment phase of a criminal investigation into Sivercorp’s alleged illegal payments to Chinese police

10/3/12 РLuoyang police again fail to convince the prosecutor to charge Kun with a crime so the police extend their investigation.  Kun remains unlawfully imprisoned

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