Barron’s Exposes Silvercorp’s Corruption of the Luoyang Police

On September 28th, 2013, Barron’s published a feature story on SVM’s corruption of the Luoyang Police, titled “The High Price of Digging Up Dirt in China.”  The article was written by Bill Alpert and Leslie P. Norton, who together won a Society of American Business Editors and Writers award for their 2010 investigation of “reverse-merger” Chinese stocks.

The article introduces Michael Wei, a Chinese research analyst who the Luoyang Police forced to sign a false confession statement implicating Kun Huang, a Canadian research analyst detained in a Chinese jail for over a year.  The Luoyang Police threatened that Michael must testify against Kun or else face a long imprisonment.

Rather than falsely testifying against Kun, Michael left China and offered his full cooperation to the RCMP as they continue to conduct a criminal investigation of the bribes paid by SVM’s management to the Luoyang Police.

The key evidence that Michael provided to the RCMP are video and audio recordings of his meetings with the Luoyang Police, in which he catches the police red-handed accepting bribes from SVM and discussing how they will “fabricate” charges against Kun.

The Globe and Mail Special Report Finds Silvercorp Illegally Paid Chinese Police

The Globe and Mail is Canada’s largest circulation national newspaper.  Journalists Andy Hoffman and Mark MacKinnon spent the summer of 2012 researching evidence that Silvercorp paid for a Chinese police investigation and arrest of Kun Huang.  Andy and Mark’s special report (linked below) has been nominated for a 2012 National Newspaper Award.  In 2011, Andy Hoffman and Mark MacKinnon won a National Newspaper Award for their investigation into Sino-Forest Corp., the Chinese timber company whose shares collapsed following fraud allegations.